Liebster Award!

Wow, I feel so honored to be given a blog award of ANY kind!  Thank you CARRIE!  I feel so special!  Carrie and I worked together at Continental Airlines many moons ago, and she truly is an amazing woman, full of strength, integrity and compassion.  She is mommy to two beautiful boys and an awesome wife to her sweetheart Mark...I mean, this woman keeps her house clean, works, takes care of her kiddos, AND is a fabulous cook.  I am jealous of her cooking abilities!  Anyway...

Considering the fact that I am quite a sporadic blogger and don't really have any FOCUS for my blog...it truly is a mish-mash of posts...I don't really feel deserving!  However, I happily accept it and even more happily share it with a few other bloggers that I follow!

Here are the rules for the Liebster award, and the list of bloggers I'm sharing it with:

1) Accept it, write a post about it and display it.
2) Pass it on to 3-5 fabulous but unknown blogs (not ones with large amounts of followers) and tell them they have been awarded the love blog award.
3) Link back to the person who awarded it to you.

The aim is to bring great, but not well known, blogs to light.

So, I am sharing this award with:

1) HEATHER over at The Coterie Blog who is also a talented designer - see her etsy shop here:  Kantan Designs and her photography here:  HM Photography    I found her blog by clicking on a comment from Natalie Norton's blog a LONG time ago...they are sisters-in-law.  :)

2)  LAUREL over at Just Around This Corner.  Laurel writes the most inspiring posts...she has some serious story-telling skills and has a magical way of reaching right into your chest and grabbing onto your heart...  I always go to her blog for reminders of WHO I AM, WHY I'M HERE, and to be reminded that I AM OF WORTH!  ♥ ya laurel!

3)  HILDA over at Hilda Grahnat (formerly "Forever Is Today").  Hilda knows how to ROCK her camera and produces beautiful images.  I love her sense of style and composition, and adore her book clocks (see them here in her SHOP)  I appreciate her English translations on the blog...but honestly, her images speak for themselves!  She truly is a source of creative inspiration for me...and I secretly feel a connection to her since she is Swedish...and well, I have some Swedish roots too!  :)  ha ha  I bet she has a TON of followers already, but not sure if any of MY friends have heard of her!  Enjoy...


Heather said...

Thanks!! You're too kind!!

Carrielyn said...

You are sweet... and funny. And I like the mish-mash!! So, when are you going to move closer to me???