drewbie-drew loves salad

Drew loves salad. He will frequently ask for it for breakfast, or just for a snack during the day. He likes all kinds of lettuce, including baby spinach! He is somewhat partial to Ranch dressing, but will try others - like raspberry vinegarette.

I realized that I've never documented this -- and it's pretty monumental considering Jakob and Joshy both gag at the thought of eating salad! I don't know where Drew's love for salad or salad dressing came from, but I am thankful for it!

Also, he recently discovered all of the bibs in the back of our towel drawer and has been wearing them around. I don't normally put a bib on him, but after he wanted to wear one to eat his salad, I thought, "that's not such a bad idea! who cares if he's 3 1/2?????"

Just look at this sweet boy...makes me want to eat him up!


Maria said...

That is awesome!! Of all my kids, Brittany always loved salads even when she was little.

Melissa said...

We love salad too! And broccoli! :D

Carrielyn said...

Evan used to LOVE salad... and then someone at school told him salad was for girls. Now he struggles, but will still eat it if no one is around!

Sara Mortensen said...

That is amazing! What a great kid.