if only all food was this beautiful...

then finding out I am definitely diabetic (gestational) wouldn't be so hard to swallow.
from marthastewart.com
But, to be completely truthful and transparent...I am really bummed.  In fact I kind of want to cry. 

No more white sugar.  No more white flour.  No potatoes (french fries, I will miss you!).  No fruit juice.  WHAT?  Boo!!!!  How pathetic is my love affair with food????

Even with all of that...deep down, there is a part of me that is somewhat grateful for this challenge because my family really needs to be eating healthier...and if I have to eat healthy, then so does everyone else!!!!!  

When the Dr. from the lab called to discuss my results from today's glucose test, all she had to say was that if I'm not eating right, then it's like a thick sugary syrup flowing through my arteries and into the placenta...and then all my baby is eating is sugar.  That image alone was enough for me to dig my heels in and stop eating crap right then and there.  

And, it's about time!  I'm surprised it's taken 4 pregnancies to bring it out...but, being that I come from a family with a history of diabetes, I shouldn't be too surprised.  It doesn't make it any easier though.  Learning how to follow this diet is going to be hard...and to top it all off, it's starting while I'm off on vacation!  I guess that will be the true test for me... 

Wish me luck! 


Q said...

Ooh, that's terrible! Good luck!

And you know, the good thing is that most vegetables really ARE that pretty.

Tobi said...

Sorry for the bad news! I'll try to have something healthy to eat at Maria's shower. I can't wait to see you. It's been too long.

Carrielyn said...

You can totally do it! And it's a lot easier if you have a cutie pie baby to look forward to after all your hard work!

Lidija Sambunjak said...

Hey, smile, I've got some good news! I was diabetic with my both daughters and I gained only 12 pounds during my pregnancy because of the diet. It wasn't hard to loose them after! :)
Avoid watermelon as well, I really hated that! :)
Lidija S.

Melissa said...

Have you read Girl With A Pearl Earring? The arrangement totally reminds me of the food she arranges at the beginning of the book when Vermeer spots her talent. :)

allypally said...

The first week is the hardest, I think I cried every day and was starving and lost 5lbs! And then I got into the groove of it, and while not enjoyable, it is doable! And then you're good to go as soon as you have the baby - I almost got high on the orange jello in the hospital breakfast as it was the first sugar I'd had in four months!!!

Good luck!

Tiffany J said...

I love Alex's comment.

I had this with Ashton. I cried at every meal because it was so hard to piece together what I could and could NOT have. While I was somewhat miserable on the diet I slowly began to lose weight and I FELT stronger. It was great. I thought we ate pretty healthy but this kicked it into high gear. The amazing thing is its ALL word of wisdom guidelines. Crazy!! I didn't gain anything on the diet and I even lost 15lbs more AFTER Ashton was born. It is tough, it is limiting but it is totally doable and worth it! Especially when you consider the size of the baby your COULD have should the sugar take over....ouch! LOL Hang in there! I have a little flip chart for fast food and meal ideas if you want it. Love ya!