let's hear it for the boy!

Some of you may know that Brad, my studly husband, has been taking classes since last summer.  A bit over-due you say?  Nah...it's NEVER too late to go to school!  I am so proud of him and have really enjoyed seeing him work hard and succeed in all of his classes.  I think he's learning that he's smarter than he gives himself credit for, and also that learning is actually kind of fun!

Well, I'm pretty sure most of you know that Brad prepares taxes for a living, and that means that he's extremely busy for the first few months of the year.  He did something crazy and registered for 6 classes this past semester!  Even though he was super busy and tired, he pulled it off with flying colors!  He got all of his final grades yesterday and came away with 5 As and 1 B!!!!!!  He is amazing.  :)

I wanted to include a clip from A Christmas Story that shows Ralphie daydreaming about getting an A+ on his theme, but none of them allow embedding.  :(  So, if you don't know what I'm talking about (and even if you do!) click HERE to watch a classic scene from one of my favorite movies!

Way to go Brad!  Keep up the hard work babe!


John and Becky said...

Way to go Brad!! That is awesome!

Sara Mortensen said...

Good job Brad!

Deb said...

Good job Brad! What a wonderful wife you have to support you! hehe Keep up the good work. I admire you guys...3 boys, another on the way, taxes, school, and life still moving on around you. Props to you guys for keeping it all together!