As a child/teenager, I dreaded "Family Calendar Sessions" because #1, it took FOREVER! and #2, I have never liked to plan ahead...I like to live spontaneously!


Now that I am a parent, I can see the HUGE benefits of having a Family Calendar - especially as my memory gets weaker and weaker! So...

I've been semi-obsessing over getting a good calendaring system in order before baby arrives...and was looking through some old documents/ideas that I've saved over the year. I came across this list from LDS Living from a couple years ago, and after re-reading it, I wondered if maybe some of my friends/family might have some additional tips that they use in their homes? 

Here is the original text from LDS Living:

One of the best ways to organize your family is through the tried-and-true wall calendar. Setting aside some time during a family home evening to determine schedules and responsibilities will help you get your family's act together. Here are some keys to organizing and staying focused on your goal.

1. Each Monday at the beginning of family home evening have each member of your family list the activities in which they will be involved during the week and which activities are coming up that month. Have children look through school assignments, extra-curricular activity schedules, and church activity schedules so that nothing is forgotten.

2. Also list upcoming extended family dinners, ward activities, work trips, family vacations, etc., on your calendar. Don’t forget to block out Monday evenings for family night.

3. Next, create a list of chores and determine how frequently these chores need to be done for your family. Assign each member of the family a week or a day for a specific chore (e.g., Week 1: Jessica empties dishwasher; Week 2: Trevor vacuums on Tuesday and dusts on Thursday). List each family member’s household responsibilities on your calendar.

4. Place your family calendar in a central location where everyone will be able to have easy access to it. Encourage your children to check the calendar often to be reminded of what is on the roster and to update it when necessary.

5. Learn to just say no when activities start mounting up. Creating a family schedule will help you manage your time, but if you simply don’t have the time, learn that sometimes “no” must be the answer.

6. Consider blocking out specific days for each family member during the month. This is a special day to do something fun with Mom and/or Dad.

So I ask you, what kind of calendar system works for you?  Any tips or tricks you can offer would be greatly appreciated!  Do you use a computer calendar (like google calendar) or perhaps a calender app in your phone?


Carrielyn said...

We use this: http://carriesaid.blogspot.com/2011/01/possibly-my-most-favorite-crafthome.html
to write down anything that's coming up that is needed. You can get cute vinyl decals to go on a frame or white/chalk board if you search vinyl calendar decals on etsy. I like it because it was really really cheap, and it's pretty enough that it hangs in plain sight in the house, and I never look at it and think of it as an eyesore!

I would highly suggest either doing at least two weeks (or more) at a time or having a spot to write down misc BIG events in advance so they don't slip through the cracks.

We also use ours as a place to write down anything that the family needs from the store.

Also, Mark and I also sync a google calendar for our work schedules. With all of his traveling, it helps us plan way in advance for childcare needs and things like that. We both have smart phones, so it's portable too! As I update our family calendar for the week, everything gets put in my calendar and, by proxy, his... which he carries on his hip and has no excuses if he misses something!


That was a long comment!

Melissa said...

I'll email you! :D