increasing our capacity to love one another

I browse Pinterest daily...sometimes more than once a day...ok, ok, it's my guilty pleasure...but I frequently come across REALLY great ideas...and today i came across this:

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It intrigued me.  Not only do I crave more love and service in my life, but I crave those special experiences with my boys...  So, I am planning on talking to them about this idea tonight, and then we will brainstorm some ideas for ways to be kinder and to serve more -- to our family members, our friends and even strangers. 

I love that the challenge begins on November 1st...so that by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, we will be fully immersed in more service and kindness...which will in turn allow us to feel more love toward one another and also more gratitude for our abundant life.

What do you think?  Have you ever tried to incorporate something like this into your family life?  Any ideas of things we can do?  Do you want to join in?   The more, the MERRIER!  What a great way to bring the Spirit into our lives...and to increase our capacity to love.


john + becky said...

That is a great idea! Be sure and post about how it goes :)

Melissa said...

I pinned this also. I love the idea. I don't know where I got my love of service, but I really want to instill it in my girls. We'll see how it goes!