brothers, boots and a tire swing

 First let me just say, that is was SOOOOO cold in Utah.  I mean, it was in the teens a few of the days we were there...  I think this picture will give you an idea...  (no, it's not a black and white picture!)

A view of the sky off my parents' back porch on the morning we arrived.  Brrrrrr!

The boys couldn't wait to get out and play in the snow... and all 3 of them were wearing grampa's big boots!  I couldn't pass up this photo op!  Not only were they beyond excited to play in snow, but they looked adorable clomping around in those boots!

My mom and dad have a really fun yard...and in it, is a tire swing that all the grandchildren love to swing on.  So of course the boys were out there having a blast!

We recently heard the news that my parents will be moving to Southern Utah this summer...  And when we told the boys, they said, "Oh man!  I'm going to miss the tire swing!"  But then I told them the new house has a pool... they quickly forgot about the tire swing and started making plans to go swimming the next time we visit.  That said, we will miss the Layton house...and cherish the fun times we've had there!  

My three handsome and big boys... (Aleks was 3 mos old at the time...so he stayed nice and toasty inside while we froze outside!)

 Aren't they just adorable???  I think so.


Becky Sorenson said...

Soooo adorable. All of them. I'm going to miss the Layton house too...but a pool in St. George sounds very nice too :)

Melissa said...

Great pics Shari. The tire swing will be remembered forever!

Maria said...

I love the pictures!! My kids sure have enjoyed our pool. I bet it is going to be lots of fun for your kids too!