big five year old

I can't stand how fast time flies!  My sweet little blonde baby is already FIVE!  It feels like he was just born...  He has always been so mellow and easy-going...I used to joke that he was proof that Heavenly Father wanted me to have more kids, so he gave me an easy baby :)  Drew slept through the night at 7 weeks old, and has always been a good sleeper.  He is such a sweet boy and gives the best kisses!  (seriously if you've never seen his pucker-up duck lips, you MUST!)  He is in kindergarten and loves every minute of it!  He recently taught himself how to ride a two wheeler, (no training wheels!) and so we got him his own bike for his birthday...along with rain boots which he had been begging for, and a giant jar of pickles -- his favorite!  We celebrated at Pump It Up with his friends and had a great time.  We love you Drewbie Drew!

2 weeks old

Star of the show :)

A bunch of sweaty kids!

I love my silly blonde boy!!!!

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Hanson Family said...

I can't believe he is five either! Happy birthday!