Came across this blog today...and it has the most beautiful message...one that I needed desperately to hear!  I'm sure many of you could benefit from it as well...so take 5 minutes, and go uplift yourself!


Happy Friday!

xoxo,  Shari


Becky Sorenson said...

I loved this! Thanks for sharing.

Hanson Family said...

I really liked it! I needed to read that. Yesterday I taught RS in another Ward for their ward conference and even though many of the sisters after the lesson came and hugged me and told me they loved it and felt the spirit, I came home with these thoughts that I could have done better, that my English was not good enough etc, etc. I felt so sad that I went and curled up in bed under my blanket all depressed instead of thinking that the sisters had felt the spirit and that is the most important thing! I can be so mean to myself with my thoughts, it drives me crazy!

Jennifer B. said...

Thanks for the link. What an incredible post! Loved it!