back update and personal peace

First of all, THANK YOU to all of you for your sweet notes and messages of concern and encouragement!  :)  I truly appreciate the advice and offers to walk with me...it really buoys me up knowing I have a support system!  thank you thank you xoxoxoxo

I have started chiropractic treatment and have already seen a difference.  I am feeling very optimistic about being back to "normal" soon!

on another note...

I spoke in Sacrament Meeting today, and am SO GLAD THAT'S OVER! 

PHEW!  what a relief. 

It's so emotionally draining for me.  I was part of a group of members in my ward who were asked to speak, and to take a new approach to how we give talks.  We were asked to base our talks on a specific conference talk (we were each assigned one) but not to regurgitate the original talk.  We all know that when a speaker is reading a lot, or quoting right and left, we tune out.  We were asked to live the principle being taught (I had 2 weeks to prepare, others have longer - I was in the first group) and pray for inspiration to have experiences living that principle.  Then they wanted us to share more personal experiences of that principle - and only use bits and pieces of the original talk by the general authority.  I was super nervous.  And  on top of that, I was sure I was going to fall to pieces and cry and blubber the whole time because the personal experiences I chose to share were 2 very difficult times in my life.  So, I practiced and practiced and cried and cried, and hoped that when the time came to actually present my talk at church, that all the tears would be cried out and I'd be fine.  But, of course that didn't happen :) 

I cried.  a lot.

And so I've had a headache all day :( Blah! 

But, I digress...

I wanted to share those experiences with finding peace during a trial here on my blog... in the hopes that someone else out there will be touched by what I have to say.  However, I am not up to it tonight... still have puffy eyes and a headache... and well, let's be honest, it's past my bed time. :)  yes, 9pm is generally when I start to shut down! 

So, stay tuned for another blog post from me sometime this week... 

love you all! 



Evaly said...

I am a crybaby too- but the headache definitely sucks! I'm sure your talk was awesome. That sounds like a good way to have people prepare for a talk and have a meaningful experience in the process. Glad your treatment is helping!

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