Back In The Saddle Again

Wow I have been slacking in the blog department! I guess I mainly want to talk about my boys...the center of my world! (Here they are in the bathtub...aren't they cute????)

Joshy has changed so much in the past month...it's crazy how much he's talking now! And even counting! (From 1-5) Brad taught him to say, "Rock on!" and one night as I was putting him to bed, in a very sleepy but serious voice he looked up at me and said, "Rock on, Mama." It cracked me up! I wish I had video taped it. Hilarious! Another funny thing he is doing lately is talking out of the side of his mouth. Not exactly sure why, but watching it is quite humorous. He loves to hug (a.k.a. "tackle") Jakob and we've told Jakob that we are pretty sure Joshy came to this family to toughen up Jakob. :) Josh is definitely a "bruiser" as my friend Tori says. I wouldn't have him any other way...he is so sweet...even if his "affectionate" head-butts do make my head throb! Here is a picture of Josh trying to "hug" Jakob from a few weeks ago.

Jakob has become Mr. Bugman lately. We got a bug finding kit and now his favorite thing to do is find bugs and then watch them -- and occassionally play with them. I taught him that the best place to look for bugs is under big rocks...so that's where he goes and finds slugs, rolly-pollys, centipedes, ear wigs, spiders, worms, etc. He finds snails everywhere too...and finds them quite fascinating. Here is a picture of him holding his most recent find. (NASTY!)

Jakob has also become more interested in dinosaurs, and one night as I was tucking him in bed, he asked me why all the dinosaurs died. WOW. I gave him the best answer I could think of, and said that dinosaurs would have been dangerous for people to live with, and Heavenly Father wanted us to be safe so they all had to die. His chin immediately started to quiver and he said, "But littlefoots are nice!" I could tell he just didn't understand. I felt so bad and also helpless and not knowing a better or more comforting answer to give him. Then through his tears he cried out, "I wanted a dinosaur for a pet!" Oh the poor kid! Of course I'm all teary eyed at this point to see how disappointed and sad he is but had no clue what to say. I just hugged him and told him that we could go to museums to learn more about dinosuars and we could read more of his dinosaur books too. That seemed to help a little bit...and he calmed down. Then tonight (about 1 week later) he asked me again, "Why did Heavenly Father make all the dinosaurs die?" I told him that some of the dinosaurs would like to eat people...and he said, "But long necks are plant eaters..." Clearly, my reasoning for why the dinosaurs are no longer on the earth was not satisfying his curiousity. So, If any of you out there have any insight on this matter, please share! I have a 4 year old who would LOVE to know!

Well, tax season is a month away from being finished, and that is a nice thought. I mainly miss having Brad home on Saturdays...it makes weekends harder and less like weekends. But I think we've been handling it well and trying to do the best we can. I'm really tired so I better go...I'm going to try to do better at blogging...maybe like once a week unless there is just something super exciting to share!

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Lisa said...

I love the dinosaur story, it was great! The girl I work with said that you should tell him that the sun went away and all the dinosaurs got really really cold and had to go to sleep for a long long time and sometimes people will find dinosaur bones from a long time ago under rocks and in the earth.