Still no heartbeat

Today I went to see the doctor for the 3rd time in 3 weeks to try to hear the baby's heartbeat. No luck yet. He said my uterus is tipped and that the baby must be way far back...so since this was the third try with no luck, he ordered an ultrasound. Worst case scenario: there is no heartbeat. However, he is optimistic b/c my uterus is the right size for where I am... So I hang on his optimisim...because frankly, I am a bit worried. Never had this problem with my first two...and so jokingly I say, "Well I thought the first two were stubborn...now I'm worried about this one!" So I'm TRYING not to be worried, but can't help it. I mean for goodness sake, it's a baby! AND not to mention my body. Scary when you don't know what is going on. Any good wishes and prayers would be appreciated!

Yesterday I went to see the Neurologist...and she agrees that what I've been experiencing are definitely migraine headaches. Ideally would like to do a brain scan, but since I'm pregnant, that isn't possible. However, she did say that she didn't think she'd find anything. So, she prescribed me some pain medication to have "just in case" I have any more. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I will be migraine free! She was a very likeable lady. I immediately liked her. She had a british/irish accent and was a short lady, a bit plump around the middle. Short blonde/gray hair with tortoise shell glasses. Really cool necklace - not the type I could get away with, but it showed her style. She was so easy to talk to and she was easy to laugh. Nice to know that someone who studies brains can be so down to earth - not stuffy and nerdy! It was refreshing! I see her again in 6 weeks.

Next medical update: Tuesday April 24 after ultrasound.


Jennifer B. said...

Hoping for good news! You'll be in my prayers =)

Carrielyn said...

Hugs and good thoughts!!! We're thinking of you!

Carrielyn said...

Thinking good thoughts for tomorrow!!!!

eve said...

I'm anxious to find out how you and baby are. How stressful this must be. It seems like you're handling it so well.