Good Friday

When we got home from picking up Jakob (and Kai) from school on Friday, I needed to put Joshy down for a nap, but he didn't want to of course, so he said he would take a nap on my bed. Well, in the past this has usually ended up with him jumping on my bed and just playing instead of sleeping. So I was reluctant to agree, but because his big blue eyes are just so hard to resist sometimes (and because I just REALLY wanted him to take a nap!), I agreed. I then got the baby out of his carseat and changed his diaper. Then on my way back out to the living room, I snuck a peek in at Joshy who was miraculously ASLEEP! What a nice feeling...knowing that I wasn't going to have to battle with a 2-year-old to take a nap today! So I turned around with a smile on my face to go sit down and nurse Drew and watch some of my favorite things - Food Network and HGTV. Well, as I walked into the living room I realized Jakob wasn't there, the back sliding door was open and our back gate was also open. After brief moment of panic I saw him standing just a few feet outside our gate, intently watching the tree trimmers chop branches off the trees. I reminded him he was never allowed to go outside of our gate alone, and asked him to come in. Of course then he was begging and pleading with me to stay out there to watch the workers. So, then I said he could keep the gate open, but had to stay right inside of it to watch them. That way I could see him from where I would be sitting on the couch. He agreed, without any argument...which surprised me just about as much as Joshy falling asleep on my bed in under 5 minutes! At this point, I said to myself, "Today is a good day." And I went back in the house to nurse the baby. At first Jakob was just standing at the gate, then he had moved a chair over to the gate, then he moved his table, then he came in and asked for "project supplies" (construction paper, scissors, crayons, etc.) so he could work on a project while he watched the men trim the trees. Once I finished nursing Drew, I propped him up on my nursing pillow and went to grab my camera. I had to document this day. So, here is Joshy sleeping soundly, Jakob sitting at the gate, and Drew, just chillin' on the couch. Gotta love afternoons like that!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tiffany said...

That IS a Good Friday! Days like that make being a mommy bearable! You're a good mom!

Kim Harvey said...

Ahh, afternoons like that are the best! Good job! I wish you many smooth days to come!

Carrielyn said...

Good things come in 3s right??

jenny j said...

i love good fridays.

hey can you email me your address:

you look great!
and the leash is totally appropriate. i've used a good leash many a times. but pushing with one and pulling with another - it's like chewing gum and walking. i'm definitely not that coordinated!

Devin said...

That is so sweet!