4 Months this week!!!!!

I can't believe how fast this kid is growing up.
He's still such a sweet boy and such a good, easy-
going baby! I just love his cute smile! Don't you???


Jenksy said...

ummm yeah! That smile is going to melt so many hearts! and hey... How about Thurs for a play date? Let me know!? If it's not raining maybe the park? I'll call ya to hammer out the details!

Heather said...


Book Club Pick -- Check out my list at GoodReads.com -- Big fan of "Into Thin Air" and "Touching the Void". Also loved "Timeline" by Crichton. An artsy choice would be "The Tale of Murasaki" by Liza Dalby, or "Suite Francaise" by Irene Nemerovsky -- Also, enjoying a book about family and parenting by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (Host of Shalom in the Home TV Show)called Parenting with Fire. Lots of good thoughts. Happy Reading and BIG HUGS!!!

The Kikuchi's said...

And I check you blog like every day too! I love it!

Rollin & Julie said...

Now that is a cute smile. You have some cute boys!!! Tell Jakob we missed him Sunday.