Sweet Child 'O Mine

I was going to try to get some cute pictures of Joshy and Drew together this morning, but unfortunately Josh wasn't a willing participant.

This is the mad face he makes while saying "This makes me SO mad!":

And here is the face that Drew was making while Joshy was being mad and uncooperative. He's probably wondering, "How does he scrunch up his nose like that?" That's what I was thinking too!

A lady from the ward stopped by yesterday to give me some information, and the entire time she was here, Joshy was giving her that mean look.

Another really funny thing he's doing lately is when he says things like, "...ALL BY MYSELF!" he kind of sways his head/body back and forth kind of like the way Axl Rose dances.


Jenksy said...

Love their faces! Your boys are such lookers! I loved talking to him in Nursery...he's SO smart! We need to have a play date one of these days?! When are you available?

Kim Harvey said...

Ok, Joshy is the funniest kid. He is such a little brute. That is the funniest face he makes-he has such personality. And I love the baby's face. Christian gives his brothers that same look a lot. Too cute.

Photography by Evaly said...

I love the crinkled up nose :)

Deb said...

Ok that is too funny. I can't wait for Porter to get big and be more active with me. Auh I wish he would talk more, but hey they say be greatful because once they talk you can't shut them up! I love the song to go along with the pics of the boys and what a face!!! He so looks like Brad!

Kristie K. said...

Josh has the best mad face. What a great picture!