Daily Gem

Living in a Such Way as to Make Life Good

"Life is good, if we live in such a way to make it so. A "good life" comes as a result of the way we do things, of the words we choose to say, and even of the kind of thoughts we choose to have...

'Wanting to' is the determining factor which leads us to lay hold upon the word of God and be happy. Perseverance in making correct decisions is what leads us to happiness."

Benjamín de Hoyos, "True Happiness: A Conscious Decision," Ensign, Nov. 2005, 31

I subscribe to LDS Daily Gems, and I love them! As a parent of young children I am constantly trying to learn how to be just that, a PARENT! This quote just totally hit home for me today, and made me feel like I have power over my life if I just make good decisions. But it also reminded me that even if I don't make the best decisions, I can rectify them through the Atonement. Knowing that makes me feel happy and hopeful that I can teach my children the same.


Natalie and Mike said...

I get those too, and also loved this one. Sometimes they just come on the right days.

Kristie K. said...

Your so good. I love that you are always looking on the bright side and how to improve. You are a great friend and mom...love you.

Kristie K. said...
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