Jakob's First Game

*Disclaimer: As Angels fans, we feel a bit funny cheering for the Yankees...but we have to support our son's team, right?? Maybe next year he'll get to be on the Angels...we'll see!!!

This afternoon we went to Jakob's first t-ball game. This was our conversation on the way to the baseball field:

Jakob: "Mom, I'm pretty nervous. I don't know if I can do it."

Me: "That's OK Jakob. Sometimes when you are doing something for the first time, it makes you nervous. I bet lots of the other boys are nervous too."

Jakob: "Mom, what does 'nervous' mean?"

Me (chuckling): "Sometimes it means that your tummy feels funny, or that you feel worried about something." (chuckling because he had just said he felt nervous, and was now asking me what nervous means!"

Jakob: "Yeah, my tummy does feel kind of funny. I'm scared. The field is gonna be SO big!"

Me: "Well, your coaches will help you to know what to do. You just need to try to do your best and have fun!"

Jakob: "OK, but what if I mess up?"

Me: "Everybody messes up sometimes. Just have fun and keep trying to get better. Do you want to say a prayer before you get out of the car?"

Jakob: "Yeah. Good idea Mom!" (with a big grin and look of relief on his face)

Me: "OK, I think that will really help you to feel better."

So, when we parked the car, we said a quick prayer before we got out, and he seemed to start to feel better, and more excited to be there. He did a great job (had fun playing in the dirt a couple of times...) and even fielded one of the balls! He got to bat 3 times and had fun doing that too. Here are a few pictures of him at bat. (Yep, he's a lefty!)

Great game Jakob!!! We love you and are proud of you! We know this is just the beginning of years of watching you play!


The Kikuchi's said...

So cute! And could you be any more of an adorable mom? I love it!

Jenksy said...

What a priceless conversation! Sometimes the innocence of children really floors me...Jakob is blessed with good supportive parents. What a lucky kid....and what a cutie in that uniform!

Photography by Evaly said...

Aw...he looks so cute and grown-up! Good job, Jakob!