Sneaky Leprechaun

Yesterday while we were at Jakob's baseball game, a sneaky little leprechaun came and left a note on a shamrock on our front door...it was a cute little poem telling us he had brought a treat and where to dig for the gold. So, Jakob and Joshy were very excited and ran to the backyard. Jakob looked all around but Joshy immediately spotted the little footprints in our sandbox. There was also a small shamrock that said "Dig here!" Jakob grabbed it and sounded out "dig" all on his own! Then when he realized what he had read, he frantically started digging in the sand. They were both very excited to get "chocolate gold" from our sneaky leprechaun!

It all happened so fast that I didn't even have a chance to grab the camera...however, earlier in the day I took a few of Drew in his cute green shirt.

I feel so lucky (aka "blessed") to have these three crazy but sweet boys as my sons. I am also extremely blessed to have such an awesome husband who is my best friend and who is someone I know I can always depend on. I love all my boys!!!!!!!!


Katie Zack said...

Shari, He is so cute!! I just want to give him KISSES!!!

Jenksy said...

Cute idea! I love those sneaky leprechauns. One hit our house too! ha ha

Maria said...

What a cutie. Those are very nice pictures. Can't wait to see you guys.