Now all I need is a BIKE!

We recently downsized to one car to save money...and I for one would actually love to be riding a bike most places (if I had one, AND a trailer for my kids!) and have even suggested that Brad start riding to work (he works locally) and he just laughed at me...sorry honey, but you did! -- and was talking to a friend about this a few weeks ago. She mentioned that there were quite a few people from my old ward who were doing just that...riding their bikes even to church! I thought that was so cool!

Later that week, as I was driving, I passed two people on bikes with flags sticking up off the back that read "Old School Fuel" -- I was thinking to myself, "That is SO cool!" and laughing at the same time - and since I passed them going the opposite direction, I didn't really get a good look at who they were.

Well, yesterday at the park, my friend's neighbor showed up on her bike with her two boys, and said that since they saw my friend walking with her kids, that they felt like riding instead of driving. So I mentioned to them that I had seen some people with these cool flags, and they just laughed and said, "That's the "M" family!" (I don't want to put their name on here just in case they aren't cool with that.) So...tonight I got an email from my friend (from the "M" family) with a link to their website and blog...check it out here!

Anybody know where I can get a cheap but reliable bike & trailer? Oh yeah, and my 5-yr-old would love to upgrade from his big wheel to a two wheeler...so if anyone has an old beater that he can learn on, we'd be really grateful!