Apple Party

On friday morning we went to an Apple Party over at my friend Kristie's house. Kristie is so much fun and is always planning celebrations! We started out with a game "pass the apple" -- kind of like Hot Potato...most of the kids didn't really want to pass the apple though! It was really funny to watch!

Next, the kids got to make apple stamps -- with apples sliced so that you can see the star on the inside. That was a lot of fun and Joshy even made his handprints!

After the painting, our friend Alex read the story of Johnny Appleseed (which she had never even read before - I think due to the fact that she is English...) and Joshy and her daughter Ellie were pretty much the only ones who sat still and listened to the entire story.

The best part about the Apple Party were all the yummy apple TREATS! We had apple crisp, German Pancake with apple, applesauce, apple juice, mini-candy apples, sour cream apple pie, jello with apples in it, apple slices with caramel... YUM YUM YUM!

Thanks for inviting us Kristie, we had so much fun!!! I can't wait to start doing fun Halloween stuff!!!


Brad and Vanessa said...

How fun was that? The food was awesome, too. Sam could not get enough of your little "carmel" apples. I think she is liked the butterscotch the best, though. Thanks for taking some fun pictures!

Jodi said...

What a fun friend you have. I love the party idea. I wish I was creative enough to think of fun things like that.

Kristie K. said...

Great pictures! It's like having a professional photgrapher at all our funtions!

Glad you posted some pictures, i was hoping you would, i need to post mine....
love you shari!!!

Linda said...

OK, no fair...we move out, you take our spot at the Apple Party? What up? Nope, don't mind a bit your blog-stalking, dabble it it myself, more than I ought to acknowledge! We were like ships passing in the night with the moves and all, but I do have several happy memories of your dearly beloved when he was in YM, which always make me smile. Feel free to stop in any time, and I'll do the same!

Kristen said...

that sounds like such a fun idea! I may just do that this fall:) We have a strawberry shortcake book where they go to an apple festival and she can't decide what to bring.