I almost forgot to mention some exciting news! Tonight after Jakob's shower, I suddenly wanted to see if he had any loose teeth. He does! One of his bottom middle baby teeth is loose! He seems to think that when he loses a tooth, the toothfairy will bring him a present (i.e. robotic dinosaur) and I explained that that probably wouldn't happen, but a quarter or a cool new toothbrush is more likely. :) WOW, I can't believe it...he is growing up so fast!!! Check out some pics of Jakob that I took today on my photoblog.

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Maria said...

I have to make a few comments. I love the pictures of Drew playing in the dirt, so cute. The apple party looked fun. I can't believe Jakob has a loose tooth already. I looked at the pictures of Jakob and he is so good looking. Brent thinks he looks like Brad in a number of them.