I participated in a fun Valentine's Day goodie basket exchange with my cousin and her friends this year...and was talking to a friend yesterday and mentioned that I'd love to do something like that locally, and she said I should do one for St. Patrick's Day instead of waiting until next Valentine's Day. What a good idea! St. Patty's Day is a small enough holiday that it doesn't take too much preparation to make it fun for your family...and probably just gets totally overlooked by most of us! (Being that we don't really like to drink green beer...or any beer for that matter!)

So...with St. Patrick's Day being 3 weeks away (as of tomorrow) I thought I'd put this little idea into your heads and see who would be interested in doing a swap with me? Here are the rules:

  1. Put together a fun gift box/bag/basket/etc. full of St. Patrick's Day themed goodies (i.e. decorations, traditions, recipes, games, etc.)
  2. Don't spend more than $20
  3. Deliver it to your person within a week of St. Patty's Day
  4. HAVE FUN!

If you're interested in participating (and remember we're keeping this local (FV/HB) sorry out-of-state friend/family!) then leave a comment on this post, or email me at sharibeth78 AT hotmail DOT com by March 3rd - NEXT TUESDAY.

I hope to hear back from a lot of you...it will be really fun!


LeBaron Family said...

Count me in!

Jillyboo said...

how fun!
Just had to comment on how cute your picture of the boys turned out on the margin. They sure are lookers!!!

Melissa said...

This could be fun. If it's okay that some people won't know me, I'll give it a go. :)

Tiffany J said...

I'm in! WE TOTALLY celebrate it here at our house...it will be fun to share some of our ideas too!