random pics

I finally uploaded some recent snapshots...and thought I'd share!

This was from Megan's B-day lunch at Souplantation last week. I swear we had the loudest group of kids in the history of that restaurant...but it was fun! Jakob took the picture for us! What is up with Alex hiding behind Tiffany?? Silly girl!

Here's Jakob sporting his cute crown and glasses from the 100th Day of School Party -- he's such a cutie!

Drew absolutley loves the phone (what toddler doesn't?) and always says "heh-whoa" -- it's so cute! (Except for when he calls people without my knowledge!)

And here's Drew talking out of the side of his mouth...he has always done this and I've been meaning to get a picture of it, so here it is! It's so funny...I'm glad I captured this memory!


Deb said...

ok I know your into photography, but you catch the most candid shots of your kids and I love it. Once again I wish we were closer so I could take advantage of your sweet skills. I guess it helps to have really handsome boys!!!!

Kristen Duke said...

that is so cute your little one talking out of the side of his mouth! Great job capturing it! Never heard of Souplantation, but we have Souper Salad here...same thing maybe.