a proud baller and green treats!

Last week Jakob was named "Player Of The Game" and received this certificate. He made 3 hits off the coach and we're so proud of him! I think he is pretty proud of himself too!

And...this cute ensamble of green goodies was waiting for us on our doorstep when we got home:

Our sneaky leprechaun brought us some yummy mint kisses in a lime green tin pail, green gum, a really cute headband, a delicious smelling green candle, cute shamrock napkins and wrapped it all up in a green and white checked picnic table cloth! Thank you! We love it! :)


Maria said...

Way to go, Jakob!!!

Evaly said...

Wow, Jakob, that's impressive! I bet that pear candle smells yummy :)

Jillyboo said...

congrats Jakob, thats awesome!!!
sorry about the hit on CA, I love the people in it, and the beach. We just dont want to end up there forever.
and cute picture too!! though im sure its easy to take great ones of your kids, they are so handsome.

Kristen Duke said...

that green stuff looks so pretty!

Melissa said...

You made your green stuff look prettier with your photo than it did in person! Nice work. My leprechaun posted on my blog so I know who she is. :) Happy St. Patrick's Day!