easter basket dreams...CRUSHED

Jakob: "I don't think this basket is mine."

Mom: "Why not? Isn't that your basket from the Easter Egg Hunt yesterday?"

Jakob: "Yeah, but I am SURE this one is not for me."

Mom: "Why are you SURE?"

Jakob: "Because it doesn't have a new Transformer in it!"

Mom: "Ohhhhh...."

Less than a minute later Jakob was chowing down on his chocolate bunny and coloring in his new Crayola Color Explosion notebook. :) The dissapointment faded fast.


I have loved reading all of your blogs and seeing your easter pics...so...check back soon for more of our Easter-time antics and happier pics in the next few days!!!


Kristen said...

my kids also got the clucker chicken that "poops" eggs, they love it!

Darn that bunny not bringing a transformer...

Melissa said...

That is too funny Shari. It isn't Christmas already!

Kristie K. said...

Love it!!!

Carrielyn said...

lol, I LOVE that you caught that look!!

Maria said...

He looks so sad. Great picture!!!

Steve and Kirsten said...

How funny. I think kids are funny how they have their mind set on things they should get for B-day, Christmas, etc.

allypally said...

That's a classic picture!!!