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After looking through some pictures from my March '09 file, I realized I never posted a pic from a St. Patrick's Day get together at Kristie's house of all the kiddos in their green clothes! So here are all the cuties -- and don't you love how Joshy is practically strangling Drew??

And here is a cute shot of Drew...I just love this boy! Lately he has been showing his stubborn side a bit more, but he is still SO mellow compared to the older boys. He's just acting his age...17 months!!!!!!

On another note, I completed my 5 days of training for the Census. Wow, was that tough being away from my kids! My perspective has definitely changed and I don't know how moms who work outside of the home can do it! The hardest part was just letting go and trusting others (friends and family) to take care of them for me. I hated not being home with them! But, luckily with my job it won't be that way. I will be address canvassing (for those of you who haven't heard) and so that means I will be assigned certain areas in my city to walk around and verify addresses and living quarters to update a huge address list and also to put a GPS spot on the map. We have these cool little handheld computers that we use. I have yet to hear from my Crew Leader, so I haven't actually started work yet...but it should probably be next week!

On Thursday I met my cousin down at this cool place on PCH called "Big Belly Deli" to take some maternity pics (you can see them here). Every time I drive by that place I think, "It would be so funny to take a pregnancy pic here!!!" so it was cool to have a willing (and VERY pregnant) participant! Well, last night we got an email from my mom saying that Kay had her baby! WOW that was fast! So it was perfect timing that we took the pics Thursday! Now I am so excited to go see her and their new little boy (don't know the name yet!) and take some cute newborn photos of him. I can't wait to find out what they named him! They already have the cutest little baby girl named Reese -- so I bet it will be an equally cute name! Congrats Matt and Kay!!!

Well I guess that's enough rambling from me for now... Happy Conference Weekend!


Jessie said...

That is such a great shot of Drew...you have real talent :)

Also, I love the pic of all of the kids in their green apparel.

Good luck with the new job, have fun walking around (good exercise right?).

Carrielyn said...

lol, LOVE Joshy's strangle hold!
Good luck w/ the new job!
(And I totally LOVE the BUMP pic.

Jodi said...

Those pictures of Kay are amazing. I love the play on words...

Our family said...

I LOVED the choke hold. Fun how natural it is for kids to hold other kids that way. Great picture!