Daily Gem

Learning by Personal Experience

“It is clear that for us to have [God’s] gift [of eternal life] and to be given [the] trust [of our Heavenly Father], we must be transformed through making righteous choices where that is hard to do. We are prepared for so great a trust by passing through trying and testing experiences in mortality. That education can come only as we are subject to trials while serving God and others for Him.”

Henry B. Eyring, “Adversity,” Ensign, May 2009, 24

p.s. we are all moved into our new place...slowly unpacking and still working on cleaning out the old house. what an experience!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much to all of you who have helped!!!


Maria said...

Moving is so hard, especially when you have little ones. The one thing I like is that you get rid of all the junk you don't need. I am glad you are done and in your new place.

Kristene said...

Way to go... Good luck! And I LOVE your quote by Elder Eyring!