dear family and friends,

I have a bad case of BLOG BURN-OUT!

Just in case you haven't noticed!

Oh, and we're moving to Huntington Beach in a week.

I'm pretty sure that's a big part of the "burn-out."

So, see ya in a few weeks!

love, Shari

p.s. do you like my new header?


Q said...

Ooh, the tree is pretty!

Tiffany J said...

LOVE that tree! Where'd you find it? Your header is adorable!!

By the way, I'm sad your moving but it's all for the good right? And you won't be TOO far...good luck with packing, etc.

Melissa said...

I LOVE your new header. Where in HB? I guess I'll see you at book club.

LeBaron Family said...

I LOVE your new header!!! Where are you getting these at?!?!

Good luck with the move and let me know if you need any help!

Kristen Duke Photography said...

Love the header...did you make it? very nice...how far away are you moving? we are movning 10 minutes away, but new school and new ward for us.

allypally said...

Love the new header, wish you weren't moving, see you on Tuesday!

Kristene said...

I love your new header and wish you the BEST OF LUCK on your move... Love to YOU! Teena