I am thankful for...

People who inspire me to be better. Namely, Laurel Christensen. I only knew her briefly a long time ago...when I was living in Salt Lake. She was my sister's friend...and our paths only crossed a few times...and I'm sure she just knew me as "Sonya's little sister" as did a lot of my sister's friends. I bumped into her at Time Out For Women 3 years ago, and wasn't sure she even remembered me, but when I said "hi" she DID remember me! Well...I recently discovered her blog...and am so thankful for it! She is amazing with words and truly has a gift for speaking. I always feel uplifted after I read her blog. Please take a few minutes to browse her blog...you won't be sorry. Her latest post is about the atrocious act that Adam Lambert (former American Idol contestant) performed the other night on the AMAs. Check it out HERE. She says what I was thinking much better than I could...it's worth reading.


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Jessie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!