New Moon Party!!!!!

The long wait for the release of New Moon was finally over last night! Kristie, Melanie, Megan and I had so much fun planning and putting on this party! I love all the fun little details...it was awesome! We were sad that a lof of our friends couldn't make it because of the stake leadership training that night...but I know they were with us in spirit! Most of them met up with us at the theater...some went to the big newport though...anyway... We had so much fun waiting in line for the movie and the movie definitely did not disappoint! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!!!! (I wish they'd remake Twilight!) We even got interviewed by an aspiring broadcast journalist about our homemade t-shirts...if she ever sends the link to the youtube video, I'll post it!

I never thought I'd say this (because I LOVED Edward in the books)...but through this whole process of planning the party and rediscovering New Moon, I realized that I LOVE JACOB! There were a few times in the movie that I seriously started to cry -- teary eyes -- and my heart was just aching for Jacob!!!!!!! But...ultimately I am happy he didn't end up with Bella -- he deserves so much better! Ha, ha!

I never got a picture of my t-shirt...but here is what was on the back...I found it somewhere online and was laughing so hard I knew had to use it for my shirt!!!!!

The front of my shirt said, "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?"

Now, for pictures of the party!!!!
Our yummy spread!!!!!!! I'm so proud of how all the food turned out! It was fun!

Kristie's famous home-made oreos!!! DELISH!

Jacob wolf cookies

sparkly Edward cookies

ICE cold apple water (Edward) - with bloody rim!
(We also had Red Hots Cider - Jacob - but it's not pictured)

Vampire Bites Cupcakes... so cool!

Dog Bone Bread Sticks in our cute doggy treat cannister!

garlic dog bones
quotes and decorations..

Melanie had this christmas ornament out...we thought it was very appropriate!

more quotes

Thanks to Barbara for helping with the banner! It turned out SO cute!
and we replaced all of Melanie's family pictures with Twilight Saga pictures -- even one of Stephenie Meyer!

a close-up of our "ruffled tulip" pens

a happy Bella and Edward -- don't come across pics of them smiling very often...
and the movie soundtrack, prize for the trivia game

quotes from edward and jacob -- and pics of both of them kissing bella
+ our super cool book marks - edward and jacob!

werewolf kibble goodie bags -- chocolate peanut butter chex mix with miniature dog bone sugar cookies! I thought they turned out SO cute! (and tasty!)

a close-up of the tag that i designed and the cute little dog bone cookies (1.25 inches!)

The party planners! (L-R, Me, Kristie, Megan and Melanie - our gracious hostess!) I helped design Kristie's and Megan's t-shirts...Kristie's says "Edward Prefers Brunettes" and Megan's says, "I run with the wolves" -- Melanie's neighbor did hers, and it has a kind of stick figure lamb jumping off a cliff and says "Stupid Lamb" -- So cool!

our fun sign-post...Melanie actually found out the exact mileage from Fountain Valley to those locations...we thought it was pretty cool!

our first guests arrive... Erica is putting on the final touches... They had the coolest glitter spray and looked so sparkly!!!!

Barbara shows off her cute t-shirt -- it says "Team Jacob, Real Men Don't Sparkle" :)

Cheyenne and Kelsey taking our New Moon Trivia Quiz...

Chelsea looking so cute, enjoying herself

Hannah -- our Trivia Winner!!!! GO HANNAH! She won by 1/2 a point!

Our t-shirt contest finalists: Maddison and Barbara -- Maddie won! Her prize was the New Moon Movie poster...which I think she already had...oh well!

Some of us waiting in line at the movie...(L-R: back, Tracy, Edie, Me, Kim, Julie, Kristie, Melanie, Jessica. front, Julie and Melissa.)

We actually had about 17 people in our group...it was awesome! And we scored on good seats because Kim's cousin got in line at like 11am - so when Kim and Edie showed up they got in line with Kim's cousin - like 14 people back! Then when they got in the theater, they saved us seats...it didn't make other people very happy, but it all worked out in the end!!! So, even though I was ticked off at first that they didn't stand in line with us...(I just wanted them with us b/c they are so fun!)...it was really nice to have that advantage and to have them save us seats. Thanks for all the fun times ladies! Can't wait for Eclipse next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

24 year-old trying to find her way in the world....

I thought the move was GREAT! I love me some Twilight. Your treats look fab and nice shirts!

BTW if anyone wants really cute graphic tees, i saw that gifts.com posted on where to buy "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" t-shirts. They're really stylish; I like the collegiate style. If anyone is interested, here's the link http://blog.gifts.com/giftrap/categories/fashion-gifts/new-moon-hits-theaters

Tobi said...

I wish my friends and I were as hard core. Everything was so cute!!! I'll see New Moon tonight when we get together for dinner and a movie. Watching all your fun is making me even more excited!

Judy and Mike said...

It looks like so much fun. I wish I could have come. BobbiAnn had a great time.
Wasn't the movie just the best?

Jessie said...

What a rockin' party! I love the treats and the shirts and the prizes and the decorations. The movie was pretty great too!

Kati W. said...

You and your friends are just too much fun. I saw the movie last night too and loved it (so much better than Twilight), but then I have always been team Jacob before any of the movies came out. Looks like you guys had a blast.

Melissa said...

I knew that would be a whale of a party! Good job on the coordinating! I was sorry to miss it. I LOVED this movie though! I think there was a collective nationwide cheer at how good it was. Yay!

Jodi said...

This post definitely makes me miss you and all the bunco babes! Your party looks like it was a total blast. I love all the details,-from blood round the punch bowl rim to your creative tees. Nice work!

Jillyboo said...

Looks like the BEST party ever!!! I am so glad you all had such a wonderful night together, wish I could have been there to laugh all night with you all. What fun!

Kristie K. said...

Love the pics!!!

only 6-7 more months till the next party!!

Anonymous said...

I loved your party pics! I live in Boston, MA, and am having a New Moon party next week (even though I've already seen the movie twice)!I was wondering...how did you find/make the "ruffled tulip" pens? I have been to every arts and crafts store and can't seem to find them. Thanks for being such a Twi-hard!!

shari berry bo-berry said...

This is for the girl who asked about the ruffled tulip pens...

We bought white silk tulips from wal-mart - about $3 a stem, that had about 5 flowers on it. Then holding the flower upside down, I dropped 1 or 2 drops of food coloring on each petal and let it run down to the top. It bleeds really easily, so be careful because it will make a mess! Then we let them dry, and then wrapped them onto pens with floral tape. Then we cut the edges of each petal to give it that feathery look. Sounds kind of complicated but it actually was really easy and quick.

Have fun!

Kristen said...

I wish I was there to go to your party!

Tara said...


My name is Tara and I own and operate Tara's Twilight Party (www.tarastwilightparty.blogspot.com). I was wondering if you would mind if I featured your party on my blog? Please feel free to contact me at taraintheatl@yahoo.com.

thanks so much!

jasmoon-butterfly said...

brilliant! x