these are days to remember...

...and they go a little something like this:

Credit for the artwork goes to none other than Joshy. :)
Except for the orange scribble under the picture -- that was Drew.
Big brother needs to set a better example for little brother.
We're working on it.
As you can see, Drew has also learned how fun it is to jump on the bed. :)

Joshy lost his first tooth yesterday morning...yes, he's only 4, but hey, the kid got his
first tooth at 4 months old...so that sucker was ready to fall out!

The Three Stooges, I mean, My 3 Little Angels. ;)

Visiting Santa at the mall...he was kind of in a grumpy mood...what's up with that????

Riding the christmas train is always a treat...they had the whole train to themselves!

I found Joshy and Drew sitting in this container behind the chair the other day...
It reminded me of this picture of Jakob and Joshy:

Joshy was a shepherd in the nativity at our ward's christmas activity - SO cute!
the cast of the nativity -- don't they look darling??

I didn't catch a picture of it, but when the 3 wisemen came up on the platform, Joshy
was giving them "thumbs up" -- it was hilarious!

the theme was "A California Christmas" -- and Jakob had about a 5 minute conversation
with Santa. Everyone else waiting in line didn't really appreciate that...oh well!

Here's Drew with Santa...didn't quite know what it was all about, except that he
knew he wanted a goodie bag, so he kept asking for candy. I don't have a pic
of Joshy with Santa because he was one of the first kids in line and I didn't
even realize he'd already seen Santa by the time I got in line with Brad and Drew. Oh well!

I planned a little lunch out with the girls to celebrate my friend Tori's upcoming
baby boy...it was nice to visit with everyone and eat out at one of my favorite places!
(The Corner Bakery)

Not only does Drew enjoy jumping on beds, but he also enjoys dancing on tables...Joshy
jumped up to join him for the picture...SILLY BOYS!

And last but not least, just for kicks...We went to a wedding reception a few
weeks ago, and this was one of the streets on the way there...
so of course the twilight fan in me just had to snap a photo of it! :)

I can't believe Christmas is next week!!!!!! This year has flown by!


Brittany and Bronson said...

haha no bueno on the coloring on crayons but he is so stinking cute who can be mad!!! i miss you!!

Deb said...

Coloring on the wall too funny...I too would have to laugh, good thing you got a picture for the memories.

Thanks for spell checking my blog. I really did think it was spelled that way...LOL. I have wanted to post a warning on my blog about my horrible grammar and spelling!

Heather said...

LOVE SKIPPYJON JONES!! The girls want some pics of 401 when you can -- they are curious as to how it's changed, didn't know how often you're down there...

Maria said...

Too funny!! Great pictures.

Steve and Kirsten said...

Love the walls...good thing magic eraser is around. Love all your pictures of your boys.

Jodi said...

Oh my goodness, Joshy sure was thurough in his decorating! How long did it take you to clean it all up?

Sonya said...

I love it when you post lots of pics...it keeps me updated on you and your life! Thanks!

Evaly said...

Carter will be jealous of Joshy's lost tooth! Love his "artwork" and the picture of the 3 boys together with Joshy looking sneaky :)

Linda said...

WD-40 fixes all!
Miss that South Coast mall train! How fun!