Thank you 104.3!

One of our local radio stations, 104.3, has a contest where you submit a playlist of 5 songs for their "5 at 5" portion of the show. Well, Brad's playlist was chosen as the winner the other day...and not only did they play his songs (which he swears he doesn't remember picking at least 2 of them) but they talked to him on the readio (which the kids thought was VERY cool!) AND they gave him a prize of 4 tickets to Walking With Dinosaurs...something that we've been wanting to take the boys to for quite a while now! We watched the "Making Of..." on the Discovery Channel last year, and ever since then we've wanted to go...but the tickets are quite pricey, so we decided against it. The show isn't until Sept. 2010, but that is something fun to look forward to! If you haven't heard of it, check out this little 1 minute video:


Tobi said...

Too cool! Too bad there aren't 5 tickets. Will Drew have to stay home?

Maria said...

That is cool!!!Congrats!!

Carrielyn said...

Evan SOOOO wants to see that show, but you're right, the tickets are PRICEY! What a cool prize pack!