A fun weekend...

Over the 3-day weekend for MLK Jr. we headed down (quite spontaneously!) to San Clemente to spend some time away from home... The kids are always thrilled when a train comes by, and one morning I was up early with Drew, out on the balcony and I caught his excitement...

That afternoon, we all went to the Irvine Spectrum and the cousins had fun going for a little train ride...

After the train ride, we went over to the fountains (the ones that shoot up out of the ground) and even though it was kinda chilly, all the kids went crazy playing in the water...so when we got home, the boys took a nice, hot bubble bath in the big soaker tub at the condo...

That night we went to the Monster Truck Rally, and it was just as awesome as last year! I think our seats were a little better this time though...it was LOUD and those trucks get some serious air! It's awesome! This was my favorite truck, made to look like a dog!

Check out the AIR that this truck got - that's at least 30 feet in the air!

And the truck we all came to see...GRAVE DIGGER! I love how the tires seem to crawl over things...they really remind me of monsters!

The week following this fun weekend was full of rain, rain and more rain, oh yeah and wind and even a tornado/water spout off the HB pier...CRAZY weather for us...so we're happy to be back to blue skies and sunshine this week! 


Deb said...

Boys and there trains. I wonder if Porter will ever get sick of trains!!! Love how you captured Drews excitment! So fun
And what a fun family weekend get away! We need to do one of those soon!

Melissa said...

What a fun weekend! I NEED to see this condo. It sounds amazing!

Maria said...

What a great weekend. Drew is getting so big!!

Jessie said...

Oh how I love San Clemente! I'm glad you guys had a great weekend.

Kristie K. said...

Train pictures are too perfect! Glad you got a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

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