As I sat filling out paperwork for Joshy's Kindergarten (YES, I said KINDERGARTEN!) registration, I came across a questionnaire asking for particular information about him that might be of help to the teachers.

Most of it was easy...until I got to the part that asked, "How many letters (Uppercase and Lowercase) can your child correctly identify?"  I immediately thought, "that's a stupid question! of course he knows all of them!"  But then I stopped myself...DID he know all of them?  I don't think so.  NOT EVEN CLOSE actually...  My heart sunk as I realized that I don't even know the answer to this question BECAUSE I haven't been taking the time to teach him... 

When I filled out Jakob's papers 2 years ago, I knew ALL the answers...because we practiced all the time, and HE LOVES LEARNING so it wasn't a struggle...it was fun.  He was eager to learn.

Joshy is not so much that way...not even a little bit.  Or if he is, I have YET to witness it.  He has always been the "rough and tumble" kind of kid who would rather be playing and active than sitting down to read or draw or write...  I think I've made the mistake of assuming he knows enough to start Kindergarten, and haven't played a big part in making SURE he knows his letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc.  For the most part he does...the kid is extremely BRIGHT and funny and animated...and stubborn.  (he's a taurus if anyone cares! he's my little BULL!)

So...after writing down "approx. 20" as my answer (I figured that was a safe bet) I moved on to the next question which was "What number can your child count to?"  Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....   No clue.  Again.  At this point, I was feeling pretty bad...pretty guilty for not knowing because I wasn't practicing with him...  I wrote down 30.  Who knows if that's right?  I am going to find out as soon as I'm finished typing this blog!

Even after feeling a little sheepish for not knowing those answers, I do feel good knowing that Joshy is one of the sweetest and funniest boys I know.  I remember thinking that NO ONE could ever top Jakob's funny personality (when I was pregnant with Joshy...and Jakob was our funny toddler) and I'm not saying that Joshy's tops Jakob's in ANY way...but just that he is JUST AS amazing as Jakob, and I know he has immense potential, just like Jakob does.  And I can appreciate their differences, and their similarities. 

So, here's my sweet blue-eyed little 4-yr-old with the best curls EVER!!!!

I can't believe he will be F-I-V-E in a little over 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love you Joshy!!!


Melissa said...

I had the opposite going on. Younger one whizzed through while the older one needed some more. Good luck! You are completely normal.

allypally said...

Ellie doesn't know any letters, apart from E, and she can probably count to about 15. I figure this is what kindergarten is FOR!! I sound like a total slacker, but honestly, kindergarten will take of it and she'll be just fine. So will Joshy (who sounds like he is streets ahead anyway!)

Carrielyn said...

The things we stress over! My guess is he has a really smart older brother that he hangs out with who he watches like a hawk and "learns" without having to work at like when he's practicing with mom! This is why the 2nd one is easier!

James and Sara Mortensen Family said...

Love the pic of Joshy. We are so excited to see you guys in a week or so.