In a letter from my grampa to my uncle 35ish years ago, he said:

"Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, truth, sincerity, and hard work. If we are to save this nation, it will be done by the few who have the backbone to do it. The things we need to watch for are:

1. Prosperity at any price.
2. Peace at any price.
3. Safety first instead of duty first.
4. The love of soft living.
5. The get-rich-quick theory of life."

Sadly, our nation is already inundated with each one of 5 items he warned out...

But we can't give up hope!

We need to honor our veterans, our forefathers, and our children by fighting for what America was founded on!

I like this quote from Harold B. Lee:

"I have faith in the future of this promised land of America and in its institutions of representative government, but more than that, I have faith in you, the youth of America, to build even more securely on the foundations laid by the faith and devotion of your pioneer fathers. That you as the youth of the Church would have an important part to play in preserving the ideals of this great country as quoted by one who was very close to him. I quote the words of Eliza R. Snow: “I heard the Prophet Joseph Smith say ‘that the time would come when this nation would so far depart from its original purity, its glory, and its love of freedom and the protection of civil and religious rights, that the Constitution of our country would hang, as it were, by a thread.’ He also said that this people, the sons of Zion, would rise up and save the Constitution and bear it off triumphantly.” (Eliza R. Snow, 1870, Women of Mormondom by Tullidge.)

So today is no time for youth to whimper the refrain of the defeated and retire to the fancied security of the regimented state. Today is the day for youth to gird themselves with the armor of peace, having as their weapons “the shield of faith . . . and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” (Eph 6:16–17.) (Decisions for Successful Living 209)"

Take a minute to reflect on how you feel about America, and teach your children.

And to all of our veterans, we salute you!

If you would like to watch the following video, scroll down and pause my playlist first!


Tiffany J said...

I LOVE this quote and your grandfathers words of true wisdom! I LOVE the 4th of July! I love being an American and am readly trying to teach my children the values that our nation was founded on. I am also grateful for those (both past and present) who fight for our country to keep us a "Free" land! Thank you for this post!!!

Jessie said...

Go Grandpa! He was so smart. I miss him...