drewbie's boo-day parties

We always have fun combining Drew's birthday with Halloween, and I'm glad that he's young and loves it too! I'm afraid that someday he won't think it's so cool to always have a Halloween Themed Birthday! Anyway, here are a TON of pictures from our fun times... They are NOT in order -- but that doesn't matter! We had Drew's Boo-Day party with friends on Friday afternoon, and then had the family over for a fun Halloween dinner on Sunday evening. Thanks to everyone who came and for all of Drew's fun gifts!

 Fun Boo-Day Party invitations!  
Idea found HERE (thanks Jen!)
 Mummy Dogs!
 Brains & Cheese
 Spider Web Cupcakes

 Tricky Candles!

 Uncle Todd
Cousins!   Carter, Mckell, Meg, Drew & Kylie
 Uncle Matt & Aunt Sheri & Skeleton Baby Dex
 Aunt Beverly & Uncle Ken
(Drew loves "Toy Stow-ie")

 Fun gift from Grama Betty!
 Boo-day party cupcakes
 Bat Cheese, Full Moon Crackers and Witches Toes
 Christian chowin' down
 Mario a.k.a. Reece
 Linus a.k.a. Greyson

 help blowing out candles is what friends are for!
motley crew -- Christian/Police Officer, Elle, Drew/Nacho Libre,Wyatt, Reece/Mario, Garren/Charlie Brown, Greyson/Linus, Kristie/BFF!


Melissa said...

Love the cupcakes and the "don't be a creep" rsvp line. So creative! I've never seen bat cheese either. So awesome!

Erika said...

So cute! I love all of your spooky food ideas :) Drew is one lucky kid!

John and Becky said...

Drew looks so grown up. I love all the fun things you did with the food....especially the spider web cupcakes.

Maria said...

It looks like you had a great time. The food looks so yummy and fun!

Jessie said...

Happy birthday Drew! and Happy Halloween!

Sara Mortensen said...

Shari you are so creative I love it! We miss you guys!