3 going on 16

I wish I had caught Drew behind the wheel when he was 2...but I didn't remember to do this until he was already about to turn 3.  Oh well... the pics are still cute as can be, and I love that I have similar pics of all 3 of my boys "driving" the car! 

 Drewbie - 3 years old (2010)

 Jakob - 2 years old (2005)

Joshy - 2 years old (2007)

I know that in the blink of an eye they will morph into teenagers and will be begging to borrow the car.  Scary thought!!!!!!  But I honestly look forward to watching them learn and grow...I am constantly amazed at their capacity to learn and to love...they truly are miracles.  I am so blessed.


Maria said...

Those are awesome. Kids grow sooo fast! Today I was thinking that this year is going so quick we are half way through the school year!!

John and Becky said...

They are such cute boys! I love that you have a picture of them "driving the car" all around the same age.