say YES

Starting today I say YES to:

exercise again.

drinking MORE water.

Drew the 1st time he asks for something instead of "just a minute, I'm busy!"

loving myself more.

Joshy when he asks if he can put up MORE Christmas decorations.

Brad when he asks if we can "go upstairs..." tee-hee!

Jakob when he asks to go ride his bike at Central Park.

eating healthier!

my TO DO list...one item at a time.

catching up on editing photos.

writing our 2010 Christmas letter.

actually SENDING out our 2010 Christmas letter!

keeping the kitchen clean.

planning and preparing dinners every night.

to no more fast food and soda.

letting go of regrets and look forward with faith and hope.

being happy and smiling more.

What will you say YES to today/this week/this month?

(this post was inspired by THIS ONE)


Tobi said...

I'll say "Yes" to you! "Yes, you can do it!" You go girl!

Ari Kelly said...

You are wonderful and inspiring :)

Melissa said...

I like this! Your list is great too. Come visit the blog as you start exercising. I'm just about there. ;)

matthewandsherihanson said...

Ha ha ha too funny! i think we all should remember that these days!

ps, no one can say anything to me about to much information anymore :)

Jessie said...

Life goes better when we say yes!