bunny ears and brotherly love

We had our annual Ward Christmas Party last night and the boys always look forward to seeing Santa. Here are a few silly pictures...these boys crack me up!


Jen said...

Your boys are adorable. I love that last photo!

Melissa said...

Such a fun time in life!

Sonya said...

Is Santa a midget or is Jakob just huge!? Just kidding, very cute pics!


Jessie said...

Your boys are amazing! I love this Christmas season!

John and Becky said...

They are such a handsome little bunch!

Thanks for your comment on my blog - made me feel better! Just like you said I'm sure I'll get MANY more, not only with this pregnancy, but with others to come. I have really loved being pregnant and feeling this little girl move around inside me. John and I take a birthing class tomorrow - I'm excited. John is a little unsure about it :)

I told John last night the comment you posted on FB about Jakob's answers to math problems he doesn't know...."impossible"....!! We were both laughing so hard!! What a funny kid!

Love you!

Deb said...

So fun!!! As always your boys are so cute!!!
They look bigger then Santa! HA