Wuv, twoo wuv...

I live with a man who, when sleeping, prefers the temperature to be SUB-ZERO.

So, our fan is generally on every night, keeping him cool and comfortable.


If the fan is pointed even slightly in my direction, I.can.not.sleep!

It blows my hair...and when little hairs are tickling my face/nose, it DRIVES ME BATTY!

So...now that it is FRIGID outside at night (yes, I know I live in Southern California, and many of you out there would never use the word FRIGID to describe temps here...but to me, IT IS FRIGID!) sometimes the fan stays off at night.

As we climbed into bed last night, I was straightening out our sheet and blanket trying to get more of the blanket back onto my side, and said, "You're a blanket stealer!"

To which he countered, "You're a sheet stealer!" (this deserves a post on it's own...another time)

Then I said, "Why do you even want the blanket? You WANT to be cold!!! What ever happened to caring about MY needs before your own?" (i said this playfully, just so you know...)

Then he said, "I do care. That's why the fan is staying off tonight. That's TRUE LOVE, baby!"

And it is. True love at it's finest!


Maria said...

You are guys are funny!

Deb said...

LOL that is GREAT! Love being married to your best friend huh?
And NO Cali is not FRIGID! Come visit us in Idaho and feel teh COLD weather! HA