Eight is Great!

Eight years ago our first baby, Jakob Bradley Hanson was born!  It was a traumatic experience for me...so much so that the first words I said to him were, "You hurt me!"  Any mother out there knows what I'm talking about.  Childbirth isn't a walk in the park!  And then hearing your doctor tell you (as he's stitching up your episiotomy) that your baby has "paved the way" for the next one is NOT COMFORTING!  But, knowing that Brad was 10 lbs and I was 9 lbs 7 oz, I figured that my baby would be a big one.  Jakob was 10 lbs 1.4 oz.  And YES, I have to include that 1.4 oz because they do INDEED count!  :)  

As you can see in the picture above (sorry about the bad quality...) he doesn't look like your typical newborn because he was so big.  But I love this picture showing us together for the first time as parents working together to do a simple task like put a onesie on our new baby!  I have worried and felt sad so many times that this poor child has been our guinea pig...as we fumble along learning how to be parents, he is so patient and always so forgiving and obedient.  For this, I know that he was sent to us first for a reason.

Jakob has blessed our family with his amazing mind and his charming wit!  When we were pregnant with Joshy, we just couldn't imagine anyone having a personality as big as Jakob's.  Well, if you know Joshy, then you know it's possible!   (Drew is just as exciting as his brothers by the way!)

As Jakob has grown, I've been constantly taken aback by his ability to understand things...he truly has a thirst for knowledge and has an incredible mind and imagination.  He is a sensitive soul and understands me and my crazy emotions on a level that I doubt any other 8 year old could.  He is kind and compassionate and genuinely loves his brothers and his friends...and would do anything for them.  

I love this kid more than words can describe, and even though I selfishly want to keep him small forever, I am also excited to see what he can become.  He has immense potential!


Happy Birthday to my handsome Jakob!


Evaly said...

Happy Birthday Jakob! We've been thinking about you today :) Can't wait for your baptism too!

Sonya said...

Happy B-day to Jakob! I can't believe he's 8 already!!!


Steve and Kirsten said...

Wow...time has gone by so fast. I feel like it was yesterday that you were pregnant with him. I hear you on the first paving the way for the rest : ). Hope he had a great B-day.

Maria said...

Happy Birthday to Jakob!! I feel bad we won't be there on his baptism. We will be thinking of you on that special day.

John and Becky said...

Happy Birthday Jakob!!

I might be delivering a 10 pound baby too! John was 10 (close to 11) and I was 9 :( At least I know it can be done! :)

Carrielyn said...

Big babies look perfectly typical to me, lol! It's those little 6 lbers that don't look typical!

Reading your post, brought tears to my eyes, because that's exactly how I feel about Evan.

And you're right, if we lived even remotely near each other, those two boys would be the best of friends.

I miss you. And your giant children. And maybe your husband too... I don't want him to feel left out!

Kristie K. said...

A perfect way to describe Jakob ! We were thinking about you yesterday! Love you!

Tobi said...

No kidding, that kid is HANDSOME (must be the genes from his hot mama!).