Top 10 in '10

Top 10 Hanson Happenings in 2010

10.  Jakob taught himself how to ride a bike!  He never even used training wheels!

9.  The tooth fairy visited Joshy 3 times!

8.  Drew is FINALLY potty trained, and goes to preschool every Tuesday!

7.  Brad became a college student and a soccer coach for Joshy’s team! 

6.  Joshy graduated preschool and started Kindergarten!

5.  Drew tapped into his “inner artist” and discovered that the walls, carpet, furniture, etc. are his canvas!  Call us if you’d like a custom mural in your home! 

4.  Jakob morphed into a killer soccer player during his 2nd season, and is looking forward to spring soccer!

3.  Shari did 7,000 loads of laundry (no joke!) and in her spare time (HA!) took 50,000 pictures (also no joke!) 

2.  Brad passed the first part of the EA exam!  (EA = Enrolled Agent – it’s a tax man thing!)

1.  Brad and Shari celebrated 9 years of marriage on Dec. 29th!   My, how time flies when you’re having fun!

2010 was a wonderful year!  Hugs and Kisses from the Hansons!

Brad, Shari, Jakob (7, 8 in January!), Joshy (5) & Drewbie (3)

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Melissa said...

Woot! Great list!