each uniquely individual

Jakob - about 5 months
Joshua - about 5 months
Drew - 5 months
I can see how each one of my sons is uniquely individual just by looking at these photos of each of them around the same age.  Even as babies, they each had their own look, their own personality and their own special way of making me happy. 

Each time I've been pregnant, I've daydreamed about what the new baby will look like, act like, sound like, etc.  It's almost impossible for me to imagine because all around me are my real life children who are so different in looks and personality! 

Anyway, it's fun to think about and looking back at these photos has really made me miss having a little one to hold and snuggle.  It's a shame they grow up so fast...but also such an adventure and full of moments where they amaze me!


Sara Mortensen said...

Those are some cute babies!

Maria said...

Oh they are sooo cute!!!!

Melissa said...

I'm sad to have to stop at two. I have two different children and it makes us wonder what the third would have been like in looks and in personality.

Steve and Kirsten said...

What cute boys! We'll have to set my 3 girls up with your 3 boys when they are older : ). Jakob's face hasn't changed much...he still has the same look, just more hair.

Becky Sorenson said...

Ahh such cute boys! You can definitely tell they are brothers, but they do have their own look. I can't wait to see what another will look like, if it's a boy. Or can't wait to see what a cute little girl you'd have.

Evaly said...

They all look so much like themselves. I think my kids look very different as babies. Maybe because the girls look more different with no hair?