make new friends, but keep the old...

...one is silver and the other gold!

Every Thursday and Friday, my friend Amanda and I swap kids.  On Thursday, Piper comes to play with us, and on Friday, Drew goes to play at Piper's.

They are so good together, and do the cutest things.  One of their favorite games is to hide/play under the kitchen table.  When they are under the table, they are "under water."  Watching them play under the table always makes me think of Dave Matthews Band, Under The Table And Dreaming...  I love kids' imaginations!

This week, I wasn't sure they would be able to play out on the patio or not because it's been cold and rainy on and off.  Well, it wasn't raining, so we loaded up the bubble machine with bubbles and they had a ball swatting at the bubbles with little sand toy shovels.  (luckily no one got hurt!)

Then I think they were getting a bit tired, and they both laid down on the benches of our kiddie picnic table.  They were so adorable I of course immediately grabbed the camera to snap a few pics.

I'm so grateful for all the good friends in my life...and am also so grateful for good friends in my kiddo's life!


Melissa said...

Caleb Holbrook and my Heather were like this. They are still friends, but at 11 turning 12, you start to deal with the what's cool factor. They don't really speak in public that often. I'm grateful they have the history together though so they can still chat when we're visiting one another's houses. ;)

Carrielyn said...

How sweet!!!

Becky Sorenson said...

The 2nd picture looks like it could go in their wedding announcement one day :) cute kids!