"it's happened once, it could happen again!"

Camille Roche/Courtesy Todd Bieber

Ok folks, this is truly a cool story!  Some dude found a roll of film in a park in NY and decided to have it developed and from there, tried to discover WHO it belonged to by making a YouTube video!  Read the whole story HERE.

In the story, it mentions being reminiscent of the french film, Amelie (which is a GREAT film by the way!) and I absolutely LOVE how Mr. Bieber ended his story...so GO READ IT!  It's short, but very fun!

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Jessie said...

I had an undeveloped roll of film that I found like a year ago and have been carrying around in my purse ever since. I had no idea what was on it, who shot the pics, or what. Your post and this story inspired me to go get it developed. Not a very exciting ending to the story...just 10 year old pics of random stuff, nothing too exciting. Oh well, it was still fun.