my reality

1.  I yell at my kids too much.
2.  Listening to Justin Bieber makes me unnaturally happy.
3.  I always choose FUN over work.  (seen my house lately?)
4.  I love photography but struggle with insecurity about my work.
5.  Grocery shopping is right at the top of things I hate doing.
6.  I love spicy food.
7.  I mentioned this once before on this blog...but I still have a secret dream to own a car like the street racing cars on the movie The Fast & The Furious.  And yes, I want to race it.
8.  I snore when I'm pregnant.
9.  If I could go barefoot or wear flip-flops for the rest of my life, I would.
10. I truly believe that spiders are evil.  E-V-I-L!!!!!!!!!!! (like the fru-its of the de-vil!!! haha!)


Carrielyn said...

LOVE IT! And I think I knew everything... except the Justin Bieber part... but that doesn't surprise me in the LEAST!! lol You're awesome. (Oh, and PS... you're photos are AMAZING. Stop doubting it!!)

Jessica said...

I'm right there with you on most of those. Especially playing before working... oh well! Life should be fun, right? :) Miss you!

Melissa said...

I love this post. You haven't seen my house in a while. I have to clean it before Tuesday night! Yikes! I choose fun over work too. :)

John and Becky said...

Listening (and working out to) Justin Bieber make me exceptionally happy as well (and makes working out somewhat enjoyable) :)

You are an amazing photographer! I love looking at your work. It is ALL good stuff.