here's baby hanson #4!

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had a quick ultrasound today...and baby was wiggling all over the place!  it was so exhilliarating to finally see baby!  baby had his/her back to the camera the WHOLE time...so no face or even a cute profile shot!  but...we heard a strong heart beat...saw perfect spine...some sweet little fingers...and strong kicking legs!

but....we won't be able to find out gender until April...so, the wait continues!

dr. said that based on head measurement i am 13 weeks 6 days...but based on my dates, 13 weeks 2 days...just a few off.  he didn't change my due date though...but as you can see at the bottom of the ultrasound, it says EDD (estimated due date) 9/17/11.... i'm not getting my hopes up for an early baby though...i've NEVER had an early baby!

but so fun to see that cute little wiggly baby today!  can't wait for the next ultrasound at the end of April!

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Tobi said...

LOVE it! Congratulations on the strong heart beat. That is always so reassuring!