birthday fun

My sweet boy is now officially 6-years-old! We celebrated with a family dinner out to the Rainforest Cafe. Luckily we got there early so it was quite empty...and we had the gorillas all to ourselves! Joshy could hardly wait to open his gifts, so as soon as we ordered, he went to town! He loved all of his gifts -- thank you to fun gifts from grandparents and also a surprise gift from his buddy (and our neighbor) James... I hope he wasn't too spoiled! He really wanted Sonic & the Black Knight game for the Wii, and we scored on a pre-owned copy for only $20!

Here are a few pics from yesterday:


John and Becky said...

I love all of Josh's facial expressions - so many of them and so funny. You can definitely tell he loved his gifts!

That chocolate volcano dessert looks dee-lish!!

Glad he had a great birthday!

p.s. We are excited for see you end of June/beginning of July!! And for you to meet Brooklyn!

Evaly said...

Happy Birthday Joshy! And I agree, his faces are so funny :)

Maria said...

Happy birthday Joshy!!

Carrielyn said...

LOL! Love the faces! But he might want to work on his poker face!

PS... Evan has the Star Wars game for his wii... and you can get these awesome lightsaber wii remote covers that light up and just make it EVEN MORE AWESOME!

Jen said...

Your boys are all so grown up! I can't believe that last photo. I love all the funny expressions too.