six years ago...

...I was double-checking my hospital bag because the next morning I was going to the hospital to be induced.  Little did I know that the sweetest little blue-eyed, curly haired, charmer would be at the other end of all that!

Joshua Matej (pronounced ma-tay) Hanson was born at 6:53pm on May 17, 2005.  Thankfully he was a bit smaller than Jakob, weighing in at 9 lbs, 8 oz, and was as cute as can be.

We never knew it was possible for a little boy to have such a big personality (like Jakob's) until we met Joshy.  He is such a character...full of fire and definitely fits his zodiac sign of "taurus" - because he is like a little bull sometimes! 

He is very affectionate and tender, and if you know anything about the "5 Love Languages" he is definitely a physical touch kind of kid.  A hug and a snuggle will always help him feel better.  

He can be a bit of a ham sometimes...but can also be incredibly shy other times!  He is a total goofball, and to prove it I'll give you an example.  While playing baseball this season, I caught him dancing in the outfield numerous times...SPANKING himself, and laughing!  While that may be slightly inappropriate, it was quite funny and likes to make his friends laugh.

Even though he hates his curls, I think that his hair (along with his big blue eyes) is his best physical feature...and I am always telling him that someday, girls will think he is so handsome because of his awesome curly hair!  He doesn't care right now though and is asking me to cut it all off on a daily basis.

He is almost a kindergarten graduate (only 5 more weeks!) and is so clever and smart.  Even though I selfishly wish he would stay little forever, I am excited to see the man he will become.  

Watch out girls!  He's gonna break a few hearts...I'm sure of it!

image © Natalie Norton

Happy Birthday Joshy!

We love you!


Judy and Mike said...

He is darling!

Melissa said...

I love that you do these posts about your kids. So fun!

Ashley and James said...

What a cutie! I can't believe he's already 6. Happy birthday, Joshy!!!

John and Becky said...

Happy Birthday Joshy!! You sure make one CUTE 6 yr old! We are excited to see you this summer :)

Tiffany J said...

He is by far the cutest! I loved seeing his smile every Sunday! He will be a future heartbreaker!! ha ha Happy Belated Joshy!!