post-baby belly

Since I "let-it-all-hang-out" in my last post...I figured I might as well do the same in this one...only this time, with pictures. 

Warning, the following images are NOT pretty, BUT they are real.  REALLY ME.

ever heard the term "spare tire?"  well, yeah, I have a FEW.  check out my lumpy back fat.  EWWW.

this is what i see when i look down.  it would make me smile if there was a baby in there...but it's just blubber.    

So...there ya have it.  If you don't live locally, and aren't able to see me on a regular basis, this is how I look.  I'm honestly uncomfortable in my own skin.  Yes, I've had 4 babies and I have zero abs to speak of, but seriously, this belly is huge and I hate it! 

Now, I know you all don't want to waste your time reading about me complaining, and that is not why I'm posting this.  I'm kind of posting this as  "before" so that I'll be motivated to show you an "after" a year from now.  (and maybe some "in progress" images along the way.

A few weeks ago, my neighbor and I started walking (almost every day M-F) and it feels SO good.  I even jogged about 3/4 of a mile one day!  My main problem is eating.  Sometimes I have days where I want to eat ALL DAY LONG.  It's really bad.  Also, it's the type of food I'm eating.  I know you can all relate to this - we've all been there and most of us have a life-long battle with trying to eat healthy and exercise consistently.

I was reading The Dailey Method Blog today, and came across a post entitled "You Are What You Eat."  Here is a snippett from that blog:

Drink Green Juices: vegetables are the most nutritional part of our diets. Eating the recommended 4-5 servings a day in whole form is optimal, however most of us don’t do that. Therefore what I do is add a green juice whenever I can. In juice form, you absorb the vitamins and minerals quickly while giving your digestive system a break.
Eat Organic (produce, meat and dairy, wheat…) whenever possible, that way you will minimize your exposure to the traces of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics that are so prevalent in our food. Eating organic not only benefits your body, but also the globe. See My Potato Project; The Importance of "Organic".
No Fake Food. This includes all processed foods, artificial sweeteners, soda (especially diet) most store bought
cereals, cheetos (duh!), and the list goes on. See "Diet Soda Linked To Weight Gain".
Whole Grains. While we are not a gluten free family, we do moderate our intake of refined flour and try to find alternatives whenever possible, such as: quinoa, steel cut oats, brown rice, barley, sprouted breads. Jamie G. Dougherty, a certified holistic nutritional and lifestyle coach in Berkeley, says: “Whole grains are ideal foods to help combat food cravings and help sustain energy. They are also loaded with chromium and B-vitamins that help balance blood-sugar levels.” Here’s one of her favorite recipes: "Black Bean Pilaf with Cilantro Lime Dressing".
Stay Hydrated. Every single cell in your body needs water. Drinking water on a regular basis definitely helps you look and feel better. I carry a big bottle around with me all day as a constant reminder.
Eat When You’re Hungry. This is an example of listening to your body, which is something you should ALWAYS do. I find my hunger varies from day to day and through the course of the month and eat accordingly. Some days I eat a big lunch and sometimes I replace that meal with a juice depending on my level of hunger.
Enjoy Eating. Focus more on what you will put in your body (make an effort to get your veggies in) rather than what you will not. I won’t deprive myself of something I love. Everything in moderation are words I live by. 

My biggest struggle is the "No Fake Food" category -- AHHH it's so hard.  

HOWEVER, in my desire/determination to THRIVE, I am going to work toward eliminating most "fake" foods from our home/diet.  I also really want to get back to eating the diabetic diet that I ate during my pregnancy.  

I'd like to end on a funny note... 

I can't wait for this post-baby belly to disappear!


Erin H. said...

Heck yea Shari! I'm navigating through a lot right now and have totally relied on food! I'm trying to re-learn how to eat and put myself near the top of the list again. So proud of you for putting it all out there! YOU CAN DO IT MAMA! xoxo

john + becky said...

I can definitely relate to those days of wanting to eat ALL DAY LONG. Why is it that some days you just feel STARVING all day??

I'm excited to see the in progress and after pictures.

allypally said...

Hey - looks like you can actually see your toes when you look down. So you are in better shape than me!

We are trying to eat healthy over here too. Here's to progress!

Jen said...

That is SO ME after every baby! It takes some serious will power to get thin again (just in time to start again with another little babe; at least they're worth it)!
I know you can do this. One thing that really helps me is thinking about what I CAN eat, rather than what I can't. I buy yummy grapes and apples and cut up carrots and celery to have on hand whenever I need a little snack. It also helps to brush your teeth a lot or chew gum.
You're awesome and will conquer this, I'm sure!

Kristie K. said...

You can do it!!!!

Way to go with running and walking! I am trying to be better about eating too. And i agree with you. Eating healthy is yum! But so is eating junk...

We can try to share recipes. I am going through to chance things for Greyson...